Ever tried taking a step back from yourself?​​​​​​​

On our own, it’s all too easy to run out of creative steam - to lose sight of the very things that are most vital to our business… and that keep us on track, on fire and on top of things.

In this short, interactive, creative morning workshop - for a maximum of six people - I plan to give you a creative kickstarter to address a specific communication challenge you face. 
(Initially, I'll running this session on each of  the Wednesday mornings in September.)

As Bruce Springsteen once (nearly) said: “You can’t start to inspire without a spark”.

Which is where I come in.

For over 25 years, I’ve helped get clients to get clear and inspired BEFORE they start communicating. (I’ve then gone on to build - in tandem with some great designers - solutions that really work.*)

NB: I’ve done this for clients great and small - from St Paul’s Cathedral & The Sunday Times… to Abbey National & The Small Business Charter. 

(* To see a short roll call of those designers and projects, scroll to the bottom)

So is this session for you?

Yes - if you’re a business owner, a creative professional or someone who’s just fascinated by the creative process, and you’re keen to:

> Get a new perspective on a specific creative or communication challenge
> Learn about a creative toolkit you can use on any comms project
> Explore solutions with like minds

Pick a focus - which interests you the most?

Every one of these session will be tailored to those present. And I invite you to consider an area where you want to be ‘unstuck’ or have new clarity. Maybe you want to…

> Make yourself irresistible to the clients you really, really want?
> See more clearly the story, value and proposition you’re sitting on?
> Bring a new clarity, imagination and impact to your communications?

Do ask yourself where you’d most welcome ‘an extra brain’. By having something to chew on before you arrive, we can hit the ground running. I do plan to make these open, light-hearted and eye-opening sessions.

Hand-picked tools from my own creative toolkit…

Before we roll up our sleeves and address something of specific value to you, I will touch briefly on the creative tools to support us - and how they’ve worked for others. 

These may include:

> The single strategic question that can enhance any creative project
> The three most common gaps in the creative process
> The four ahas you need to give your clients
> The five ways to see your business newly

A picture of the Creative Breakfast session - some practical logistics

Places are strictly limited. There’ll be a maximum of six of us at my home office in Ham. Yes, I will be providing breakfast. (Granola, fruit, muesli and refreshments.) Here’s the timing:

7.15           Front door is open - for early birds & those wanting to avoid traffic.

7.30           Introductions. Networking round the breakfast table.

7.45           The session begins. 
                  We share the creative challenges we face.
                  We explore solutions together.

9.00           The session ends - for those needing to head off.

9.30            You’re welcome to stay an extra half-hour for additional networking & support.

Getting here:

Parking in Ham is wonderfully straightforward. No yellow lines. And for those of you in Teddington, I’m a five-minute walk from the footbridge at Teddington Lock. The 371 bus stop is 2 minutes walk away. The 65 bus stop is 10 minutes walk away. 

So. Ever fancied having an extra brain?

Well, on a Wednesday morning - just before your working day - now you can.

Whether it’s to help with your own communications - or to enable you to better support your clients with theirs - I look forward to seeing you here.

Currently there are three Wednesday sessions available. 

Please book early to avoid disappointment - and also to maximise what you get from the session.
To book your place, go to the Ticketbud page here.

And now for that promised short roll call of designers and projects...

(And some of the projects we’ve worked on)

Paul Warrington of TCE Creative

> Parkrun

>  St Paul’s Cathedral (Two projects: 2016, 2015)

(Latest project to go live in September 2018)

> Middle Temple. 

> The Churches Conservation Trust.

> KBX (Kids Bike Xchange)

Tim Ball

> EnhanceAble

> Small Business Charter

Ben Walsh of Blue Bark Design

> Irving and Irving.

> Sightpath

Alison Filmore of Vervaine Design

> Ocean Tailors

Steve Lucier

> Marion Institute

> Dana’s Fields

Tony Foster  (Now a muralist)

> Sunday Times 

> Abbey National

I invite you to check out their respective websites, and also to learn a little more about me & my work.

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