89% of communications don't work.
89% of advertising & marketing in the UK doesn't get noticed, and is effectively a complete waste of money.
(Says who? Dave Trott. And what else? See below.)
So why is that? 
It's because most people skimp on the creative foundations. 
It's because too little thought is typically given to context... and not enough to the mantra 'form follows function'. 
 How do we build creative solutions that DO work?
How do we get clear and inspired BEFORE we start building?
How can we see the familiar with NEW eyes?
These are all questions I explore in this short talk delivered in June 2019.
Take a look at the video below.
And if you're interested in building creative solutions that really DO work - be it for yourself or for one of your clients - email me: jon@wordzup.com.
And if you're still curious to learn more about the 89%, scroll a little further down.
And first up. Have a peek at this video... 
And see what lands most with you. ​​​​​​​

* Of the £18 million or so spent on advertising each year, around £17 billion is wasted. Says who? Says Dave Trott (creator of many unforgettable ads that DID work - including Lipsmackin' Pepsi ad, 'Allo Tosh, gotta Toshiba?' and many more.)
To hear in particular about  the 89% - and the £17 million "that gets p*ssed down the drain'  - go to 7 min 57 sec into the video., 
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